Structural – 3D Modeling

Structural – 3D Modeling

Comprehensive Structural 3D Modeling Services

KA Investment’s CAD Solutions is a leader in the field of structural 3D modeling. Our highly-expert team and advanced software help us in designing a 3D drawing as per the set specifications and requirements. We have modeled 3D structures in steel, wood and concrete in the past and are capable of creating models for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, hospitals, power plants, chimneys, tunnels, etc.

With a professional team of modelers, technicians and engineers, we help you visualize your project in 3D. Using sophisticated 3D CAD software, you can ideate the project’s structure, enhance the structural accuracy and reduce the cost of developing a structure.

Professional Structural 3D Modeling Services by KA Investment Company
– Steel & Tekla Steel Detailing
– Structural, Fabrication & Construction Drawing
– Cabinet Shop Drawing
– Steel Shop Drawing
– Structural Drawing
– Coordination Drawing

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