Structural – Design Services

Structural – Design Services

Advanced Structural Design Services for Modern Building Structures

KA Investment’s CAD Solutions has been completing complex structural design projects for large-scale projects around the country, for years. Having rich experience of perfecting the structural designs for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and other projects, we can provide efficient, reliable, accurate and professional structural design solutions.

With an experienced team of structural design engineers and technicians, we provide cost-efficient services that syncs with the requirements of the project. Leveraging our expertise and modern technology, we make structural designs that comply with national and international building standards.

Complete Structural Design Services

Having years of experience in the field of structural design, we provide cutting-edge solutions according to the project needs. We are equipped to handle custom structural design requirements related to:

– Load Calculation
– Wall Design Retaining
– Foundation Design
– Frame/Column Design
Roof Structure Design
Beam & Slab Design
RCC Structure Design
Composite/Concrete Structure Design
– Lintel Design
– Steel Structure Design
– Wood Structure Design

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