Structural Drawings

Structural Drawings

End-to-end Structural Drawing Services for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Projects

KA Investment’s CAD Solutions has been drafting structural drawings for years. With an in-house team of structural drawing experts, we provide end-to-end drafting solutions for concrete, steel, wood and other types of structures. If you are looking for foundation drawing services or structural steel design, we can provide complete solutions at an affordable cost.

Our Complete Structural Drawing Solutions

We can draft structural drawings for foundation plans, construction projects, steel shops, chimneys and other kinds of elevations, based on your custom requirements. Over the years, we have addressed to structural drawing requirements of a large number of clients including steel detailers, structural contracting firms, structural engineers, etc. Our solutions encompass drafting:

– Construction Drawings
– Steel Fabrication Drawings
– Chimney Drawings
– Structural Connection Drawings
– Erection Drawings
– Foundation Drawings
– Rebar Shop Drawings
– Steel Connection Drawings

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